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Recker Convenience GmbH

Get to know us!

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Dear customer,

Thank you very much for your interest in a product from Recker Convenience "Die Schnitzelmacher".

We are a medium-sized company and produce a variety of breaded and filled schnitzel products. The entrepreneurial roots of Recker Convenience GmbH go back to the 1950s. We have been producing frozen meat products in Wetschen, Lower Saxony, since 1981 and started producing frozen, ready-to-cook and breaded pork escalopes in 1986. Since then we have specialized more and more in the favorite food of many Germans and are still constantly developing new products.

For our high-quality pork schnitzel, we purchase fresh raw materials from selected and long-standing suppliers. We mainly process the cuts topside (ham) and pork loin (back). These go through strict quality controls, both during slaughter and cutting up, as well as in our own company. Just like us, our meat suppliers are certified according to the high standards of the IFS (International Featured Standard Food) and QS (Quality and Safety). For this purpose, mainly unannounced, multi-day audits are carried out by independent institutions. Regular self-control measures and examinations in accredited laboratories as well as complete traceability are a matter of course for our quality management.

More information about the standards can be found here:

- International Featured Standards (IFS)

- tested quality assurance for fresh food (QS)

Every customer has different requirements. It is our task to recognize the needs and expectations of our customers in order to be able to fulfill them quickly and effectively. The wishes and requirements of our customers are the focus of all business activities.

It is therefore very important for us that we receive feedback on our products from the most important person - that is YOU!

For feedback on our products (whether positive or negative), please send an e-mail to the following address: Please state the batch, the freezing date and the best-before date. You can find this on the back of the bag or on the side flap of the folding box.

Exact plate calculation through exact piece weight and calibration
Individually removable and preparation without defrosting
​Flexible thanks to a variety of possible combinations with side dishes
Ready to cook, breaded, frozen
cooking level
​pack size
​Quick and easy preparation in 3 minutes even with professional staff
Can be used as a quick meal or as a high-quality main course
Individual variants


  • State-of-the-art production technology

  • Specialists from every discipline

  • expertise and professionalism

raw materials

  • ​Selected meat suppliers

  • Long-term partnerships with suppliers

  • Top quality and freshness guaranteed

quality assurance

  • ​Independent and recognized institutes

  • Complete quality assurance


  • ​Speed ​​and efficiency

  • Delivery within 24-48 hours by competent logistics partners

  • Maximum flexibility

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